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After discovering firsthand the internal balance she felt from hemp-powered supplements – a feeling she could only equate with that of being completely reset and serene when on the Greek Islands – our founder, Valentina, sought to make it a permanent part of her routine.

A lifelong athlete, yogi, and an avid believer in the importance of functional foods towards optimal wellness, she sought out ways to incorporate hemp extract into her diet. But the more she searched, the more she realized that all the readily available products didn’t fit within her holistic approach to wellness. They all fell within one of two camps. Either they were highly processed and loaded with artificial sugars and flavors (drinks, gummies, etc.) – no thanks! Or they felt too “druggy” and inconvenient to take (capsules, droplets, etc.) for someone who prefers to receive their nutrient intake from meals – aka from real foods and powerful plants!

Cannaves Oliva was the spawn of her extensive research for the most nutrient-dense, natural, and elevated way to reap the benefits of hemp extract.

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Greece + Vermont = Bliss.

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